All Day Nutritionals is the creator of liquid supplements packaged in a Bag-in-a-box format (BIB). These products provide high quality, all-natural liquid supplementations in an easy to use, economical, and eco-friendly delivery system that appeals to a wide range of consumers. All Day Nutritionals currently offers two formulas specifically for adults: a multi-vitamin and an immune system booster. Both products have the same 2.5 ounce serving size, and are perfect for anyone who has difficulty swallowing traditional capsules or tablets, or who simply prefers the delicious convenience of liquid supplements! All Day Nutritionals is the industry leader in the Bag in a Box liquid supplement category – in fact, they created the category! Thanks to their aseptic manufacturing process and Nutri-Tite pouring system, these liquid supplements stay fresh for longer, without traditional chemical preservatives! Say goodbye to your pills with All Day Nutritionals!

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