SuperSeedz is dedicated to providing healthy yet tasty snack foods. Snacks that are fun to eat yet good for you. Our founder, Kathie Pelliccio, first started making seasoned pumpkin seeds in a cast iron pan on her kitchen stove, to add a healthy crunch to salads. Next came cinnamon & sugar seeds to add to yogurt and oatmeal. Friends loved them. Kids loved them. So she created more and more flavors and started selling them at local fairs and farmers markets. Soon a company was born: Kathie’s Kitchen. Then Kathie met Joe Pelliccio, a man as passionate about SuperSeedz as she was. Soon he became the Seed King/President of the company, and husband to Kathie! Now, they travel the country together introducing SuperSeedz to people everywhere Today, SuperSeedz is growing into a national brand, with “seedlings” from coast to coast. Whether you’re new to SuperSeedz, or a long-time fan, thank you for helping us grow our company from, well, a seed!

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