This is very exciting news, for both marketers and casual users of Facebook. You can see the whole article here, but this is a brief overview of the basic facts.

Facebook has (finally) made it possible to upload and view 360 images, alongside the 360 videos that were previously introduced. More excitingly, 360 photos are fully compatible with Samsung’s Oculus, giving it an even cooler angle: the VR capabilities. Now you’re not just looking at a picture, you can feel like you’re really there. Provided you have an Oculus headset, at least.

As long as your phone can take a panorama, either with its own camera or with an app, just take the picture, and then post it on Facebook as you would a normal photo. From there, Facebook will automatically convert it to a massive 360 photo that viewers can examine at their leisure, similar to how people can already experience 360 videos on Facebook. 360 photos are marked with a compass icon in your News Feed, and can be viewed on mobile by tapping and dragging the photo or by moving your phone, and on the web by clicking and dragging.

As a new medium, there are many new opportunities for creativity. Take the stage in front of 100,000 fans with your favorite musician, hike through a national park with your friends, visit the International Space Station with NASA, and even join the celebrations at a wedding. When you look at the variety of ways people already use existing mediums, this is a fantastic new way to involve your followers in your activities.